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Cooling is not simply about the five secrets behind the cooling fan

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Cooling is not simply about the five secrets behind the cooling fan

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Cooling fan is not only noise cooling

Cooling fan in the DIY accessories is not difficult to see, as the host to provide cooling, the formation of the necessary air duct fans are a lot of players are very concerned about. Many players in the formation of the air duct or buy fan will tend to focus only on the size of the air volume and fan noise in these two aspects, the market a lot of fans, many brands, for many players in the purchase of the fan will be very Hesitate, choose what kind of fan to be able to meet their own cooling needs.

Different types of fans due to the type of fan, area and angle of different, when installed in different locations will have different effects. I believe players will ask, fan type, area and angle and installation location will have what effect? Today I will explain in detail for everyone the fan has what important parameters, as well as their different designs will bring what kind of effect.

Cooling fan

Cooling fan principle and bearing principle

Speaking of cooling fan we have to say is the working principle of the fan, easy to understand, the fan is mainly composed of two parts of the stator and the rotor, the stator includes the control circuit, bearings, coils. Rotor, including blades, magnets and shaft composed of three parts.

Bearing can be divided into, the most common for the oil, hydraulic bearings, longevity is the ball bearings, and other blessed and fluid dynamic bearings, nano-ceramic bearings, magnetic bearings, spherical pressure bearings.

Fan cooling fan many different types, each has its own characteristics. Let's talk about common shaft and ball bearings.

Oil-bearing is the use of sliding friction sleeve bearings, the use of lubricants as a lubricant and drag reducing agent。 Although the noise is low, manufacturing costs are low, but serious wear and tear, life expectancy than ball bearings have a big gap。 And the use of a long time, due to the oil seal, the lubricant will gradually evaporate, and dust will enter the bearings, causing the fan speed slowed down, increased noise and other issues。

Ball bearings change the way the bearing friction, the use of rolling friction, this approach is more effective in reducing the friction between the bearing surface, effectively increasing the service life of fan bearings, and therefore extend the life of the radiator. The disadvantage is that the process is more complex, resulting in increased costs, but also bring higher working noise.

Front and CPU fan pressure should be large

The front panel fan in the mainstream chassis is responsible for providing cool air to the chassis, and the rear of the fan is the hard disk cage for the hard drive。 In order to better heat inside the chassis。 The same reason radiator-intensive fins designed to blow it through, it is recommended that users choose a large wind pressure wind, many players will ask why choose a large fan pressure。

Wind pressure is simply the pressure of the wind, the greater the wind pressure, the greater the power of the wind, the more easily punched chassis, dust-proof net and other components through。 The air volume can be understood as the same time the size of the air flow through the fan at the same time, you can exchange more airflow to enhance the cooling effect。

Cooling fan blade angle and blade curvature of the two factors will largely affect the value of a fan wind pressure。 The greater the blade pitch angle and curvature, the greater the wind pressure provided at the same speed。 This cooling fan is particularly suitable for use in the front of the chassis, as an intake fan to use。 You can blow the outside of the chassis more quickly through the barriers to the interior of the chassis。

Exhaust cooling fan air volume

Chassis air duct is to better let the air circulation in the chassis, efficient circulation to better ensure the chassis to maintain a stable working environment, the front of the chassis with strong wind pressure fan, the better penetrate the hard drive to the chassis internal。 For the back of the office, the fan is the air volume, so that the hot air inside the chassis can be excluded。

At the same speed, the greater the fan's air pressure, the smaller the air volume and vice versa. If you want to increase the fan's air flow and pressure at the same time, then in addition to blade design, by increasing the speed of the method is relatively simple.

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