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New technology can be cooling fan energy consumption by half

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New technology can be cooling fan energy consumption by half

Release date:2017-11-08 Author: Click:

The dual piezoelectric cooling jet technology to the market recently. Cooling fan manufacturers will provide advanced cooling solutions for a range of end markets, including consumer electronics, high-end computing, industrial systems, transportation and renewable energy.

The DCJ technology developed by the cooling fan manufacturers worldwide R & D center is a slim air convection device that can work in a narrow space of 2 mm height, which can effectively improve the performance of many active and passive cooling systems. Compared to the traditional cooling systems on the market today, DCJ technology requires less space, lower power consumption, and higher reliability.

Cooling fan

The cooling fan manufacturer's DCJ technology reduces the heat sink thickness to as little as 4 millimeters, which means that the thickness is reduced by more than half compared to the cooling system installed in existing electronic equipment. In addition, DCJ technology consumes less energy, equivalent to half the energy consumption of similar fans. And its simpler architecture is more reliable and can save billions of dollars on cooling fan manufacturers.

"As the thickness of the new generation of tablets and notebooks begins to move less than 6mm, it is clear that consumers will expect thinner and more powerful electronic devices," said the cooling fan manufacturer's technology licensing unit in charge of microelectronics and thermal business Chris Giovanniello, vice president of development, said, "DCJ patented cooling fan manufacturers not only meet the valuable space needs of system designers, but also significantly reduce energy consumption, the battery standby time can be extended for 30 minutes. Most importantly, the cooling fan Manufacturers significantly reduce noise technology, users will hardly feel the cooling system operation. "

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