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Cooling fan doorway efficient mute fan how to choose

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Cooling fan doorway efficient mute fan how to choose

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Cooling fan performance is related to the overall cooling level of a chassis, its function is very important, especially in the summer such a high temperature environment, the chassis is running high temperature is difficult, therefore, the choice of efficient cooling fan is especially necessary. Of course, for the players, mute is a very strict standard, I will teach you how to choose an efficient mute cooling fan today.

Recently told the players about some of the cooling aspects of knowledge, some netizens in the comments asked how to buy cooling fan, so I wrote this article, hoping to help these fan fans in the choice of some confused players. Another player also want to know some of the previously mentioned cooling knowledge, you can click on the title to: "also cool the computer summer cool three angles to solve the problem of cooling," "CPU cooling air cooling know how much the type of side-blown to be selected."

Cooling fan

Return to the cooling fan, the beginning of the game player may say: the cooling performance is not the greater the wind, the better the heat, then use the big fan is not okay? In fact, a wind is not the only factor affecting the cooling; Second, due to limited chassis space for the fan size is also a great limitation, the mainstream game chassis now supports two basic specifications 8cm, 12cm, a small number of chassis will support 14cm , Of course, the size will affect the cooling effect, but the player is not selective, this article will not be discussed。

Furthermore, players may ask: a lot of LED fans, which will not affect the heat it? Is this the answer? Now more popular LED light cooling fan just to create a beautiful appearance and a colorful effect, the heat is not helpful。 However, fans like light effects can buy this fan, installed in the chassis will bring a different visual enjoyment。

Well, said the misunderstanding of two players know, then turn to the question. Efficient mute, efficient Needless to say, naturally, the higher the cooling efficiency the better; then what is the standard mute it? In theory, the sound of less than 20dBA is perceived by the human ear, which can be used as a measure, which of course depends on the situation. Next, let me take you know how to choose an efficient mute fan.

Wind pressure air volume do not be silly points can not tell

First of all to give players popularize the concept of air volume and pressure, many players may ask, is not the same amount of wind and wind pressure it? In fact, the amount of wind and wind pressure is relative, the same speed, the greater the wind pressure is smaller, whereas the wind pressure the greater the smaller wind。 The amount of wind and pressure is the overall performance of the fan cooling performance is the first choice of the fan concerned about the standard。

In a nutshell, the wind pressure is the pressure of the wind. The greater the wind pressure is, the greater the force of the wind is and the longer it can blow in the chassis. The wind power can be understood as the amount of airflow passing through the fan at the same time. Time, you can exchange more airflow to enhance the cooling effect.

Choose air-cooled fan or air volume fan can be based on the design of the chassis duct to decide, air pressure fan is more suitable for air intake fan, the cold air blowing through the chassis, while the air volume fan is suitable for exhaust fan, efficient exclusion Chassis heat.

Cooling fan speed and intelligent regulation is not contrary

Cooling fan speed directly affects the amount of wind generated by the fan, thus affecting the cooling performance of the fan, but the fan speed is also in contrast with the noise value, the faster the fan speed, the higher the noise value. Therefore, the balance between heat dissipation and noise is very important.

Cooling fan speed is the number of fan blades per minute rotation, the unit is RPM, of course, the higher the fan speed, the noise will be relatively large. Some fans simply pursue high RPMs, which can cause significant noise and may not result in the same amount of wind as the blade design is not reasonable.

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