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Cooling fan use misunderstandings Be careful not to move

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Cooling fan use misunderstandings Be careful not to move

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Many of my friends will install efficient cooling fan in the mainframe to ensure long-term stable operation。 High-end gamers and game enthusiasts attach great importance to the heat dissipation。 As an important part of the operating environment within the chassis, the radiator does require the player's intentions。

However, not all users are well aware of the way hardware is used. Some DIY novices have some misunderstandings about the selection and use of cooling fans and are also susceptible to misleading merchants. Various installation and usage problems may arise.

Some misunderstanding of the radiator may allow users to spend more money, while some errors may affect the normal performance of the cooling fan, but affect the hardware work, so that players "kind-hearted help out," then what are the errors in the use of the radiator Need to avoid it? The following author from the installation and use of two major aspects for your analysis。

Cooling fan

Tower cooling fan with more dense fins, cooling effect can also meet the needs of most players, but also the mainstream products currently occupy the market. Many new users in the installation of tower radiator will tangle radiator and fan orientation problems, the Internet to consult a lot of users.

In most cases, the fins of the radiator are located in the front and back of the air duct, and the air blower can be used to blow air from the front to the rear。 It is also the most common installation mode。 It should be noted that placing the power supply on the chassis in the early stage may affect the heat dissipation of the power supply。 Blowback led to the mainstream after blowing。

However, the new chassis began to use the power under the design, and many chassis at the top of the design of the 12 cm fan, so the air duct inside the chassis do not have to consider the power into the wind, as long as the graphics card from the radiator have a certain distance, heat It is also feasible to blow the fan vertically upwards.

For users with ancillary cooling fans, the top 12-cm fan performs better than the 8-cm rear fan in some enclosures, in which case the radiator blows up to allow more airflow.

In addition, with the front fan chassis cooling fan fins can be placed in front of the fan back to suck the fins from the fin, rear fan can play the role of the air inside the chassis.

Unlike tower cooling fans, blow-down radiators have a smaller footprint and most blow-down radiators do not perform as well for entry-level user selection, generally lower prices also allow for less-budgetary users accept。

Although the blow-down blower fan from different perspectives are similar, but this does not mean that the blow-down radiator can be installed, especially the heat pipe radiator to pay attention to the installation direction。

Although the blow-down blower can provide auxiliary cooling for the mainboard, fans that rely solely on blow-down heat sinks can not build efficient air ducts in the chassis. We also recommend that you use the front fan or rear blower to enhance air flow.

Another misunderstanding is that many players think the lower standby temperature the better, in fact, this is not necessary。 Many players will post bars or forum sun temperature, which has standby temperature and full load temperature, as low as 20 degrees standby temperature so many white players feel very high。

In fact, the standby temperature is slightly higher is normal, many fans and chassis fan temperature control fan, which means that the computer standby or low load operation, the fan will stall or low speed operation, then the hardware temperature will be slightly High, but the mute performance is better, with a slightly higher standby temperature in exchange for a good operating environment is still worth it。

When the host is running, some players will experience the temperature of the outlet of the chassis by hand, and some players may think that the cooler the air, the better the temperature of the hardware is, which indicates that the temperature of the hardware is not too hot. Hardware heat can be distributed in time.

These two views have some truth, but not all right, outlet temperature is only a temperature indicator of the entire system, not as an absolute standard, and the host in different operating environments, the heat is also clearly different, so can not simply look Outlet temperature.

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