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Truck also uses cooling fan to heat the engine?

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Truck also uses cooling fan to heat the engine?

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From south to north, from east to west, our country has fully entered the hot weather and hot warnings from time to time sounded everywhere. Such a hot day, cooling fan has been unable to meet the needs of the summer heat, and only air-conditioning can be worries. Hot summer, people are afraid of heat, cars are more afraid of heat, this time if the engine cooling system really hard to imagine. However, there is always some high-temperature car card friends, what should I do?

For the cooling system components are not problems, but the engine cooling effect is still poor, often high-temperature boiling problem, then suggested that the Friends of the Friends of the engine cooling system modification, replacement fan cooling engine intelligent cooling system. The earliest application of electronic fan heat in the car, with the technology matures, the city bus has also been rapid popularity. At present in the truck field also has a lot of pure electric trolley application of the electronic fan cooling, cooling effect is good.


Big fan fan, cooling OK?

Recently, the reporter learned from Suzhou Station Technology, truck engine intelligent cooling system ATS is the company's latest research and design launched an electronic fan cooling engine cooling system. Truck ATS system uses a combination of electronic fans, rather than the common belt or clutch fan. According to Fu Sheng Motor, the benefits of electronic fan cooling is to achieve electronic control, completely out of the engine speed dependence, the fan speed and heat dissipation with only the cooling needs of the engine, rather than with the engine running status. In short, the electronic fan can still run at high speed when the engine is running at low speed. The speed of the electronic fan is controlled intelligently by the ECU, which connects the engine's water tank inlet and outlet sensors, directly proportional to the engine's cooling needs. In addition, the smaller the diameter of the electronic fan, the noise will be reduced accordingly, improving the overall vehicle comfort. Of course, although the diameter of the electronic fan becomes smaller, the amount of heat that can be generated does not decrease. Modular electronic fan can provide a large diameter cooling fan can generate cooling air volume. "The electronic fan not only can meet the needs of engine cooling, but also has better heat dissipation. The introduction of intelligent cooling system for truck engine not only can effectively solve the problem of high temperature of truck engine, but also can greatly improve the fuel economy of the engine, improve the working efficiency of the engine and prolong the service life "In conclusion, Fusheng Motor said:" With the promotion and application of smart cooling technology for electronic fans, the intelligent cooling system of engines represented by Fusheng Motor will increasingly appear on trucks. We believe this is an inevitable Technological innovation trend. "

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