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How much do you know about the fan installation method? Powerful pipe fan manufacturers

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How much do you know about the fan installation method? Powerful pipe fan manufacturers

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Powerful pipe fan manufacturers, knowledge of the point so understand, completely afraid of you steal teacher Oh, come Oh, onlookers!

(1) ground inspection, check whether the foundation and equipment drawings or drawings.

(2) bearing support, chassis support and drive end of the base concrete floor requirements.

(3) It should be noted that the alignment adjustment of the two bearing brackets is the most important. To facilitate the grouting, both sides of each bolt are padded with steel washers, and the fixed-end bearing bracket is placed on the stud bolts on the soleplate , Bolt the chassis bracket, bearing bracket loosely together, and the anchor bolts placed in the reserved hole, according to the requirements of rough after grouting, when the grout has been firmly anchor the active anchor bolts When together, start to find positive adjustment. (Using bubble level). If necessary, use shims to level the fixed bearing bracket and shim plates in the axial direction, tighten the bolts and recalibrate.

Pipeline fan manufacturers

(4) For non-fixed bearing bracket, repeat the leveling procedure described above to ensure that the bearing bracket is fixed at the same height. Tighten the bolts and adjust the leveling again.

(5) Then adjust the frame bracket, grouting, solidification, correction, tighten the bolts, repeat leveling, the final assembly triangle coupling plate, if possible, all with pins.

(6) The lower part of the shell / intake box and bracket assembly The shell / intake box assembly is divided into two parts, the upper and lower parts are connected into one body through the joint surface of the horizontal centerline. When installing, the lower part Chassis / air intake box and bracket connection, but do not tighten in order to make the final adjustment.

(7) The lower half of the bearing housing supports the next half of the fixed and non-fixed bearing housing to the corresponding bracket, do not tighten the fixing bolts to adjust, install and adjust, then tighten the bolts and drill the pins Hole, with pin positioning。

(8) Assembly of Bearing Couplings and Shafts Clear any parts on the spindle assembly bearings and couplings and carefully wipe these parts。 And make sure there is no damage。 During assembly of the bearings and spindles, strict cleanliness must be maintained and the entire bearing should be in its original packaging until the bearings are mounted on the shaft。

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