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You do not know the daily use of cooling fan there are those considerations

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You do not know the daily use of cooling fan there are those considerations

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The use of the environment should always be kept clean and tidy, the fan surface to keep clean, into the outlet should not have debris. Regularly eliminate heat fan and pipe dust and other debris.

The cooling fans can only be operated under the condition that the cooling fan is completely positive. At the same time, it is required to keep the capacity of the power supply facilities adequate and the voltage is stable. It is forbidden to run in the missing phase. The power supply lines must be dedicated lines and should not be powered by temporary lines for a long time.

Cooling fan found in the course of abnormal fan noise, the motor serious fever, shell charged, switch tripping, can not start and so on, should be immediately shut down for inspection. For safety reasons, it is not permissible to carry out maintenance work on the fan. Maintenance should be carried out after about five minutes of trial operation, to confirm no abnormalities and then start the operation.

Cooling fan

According to the use of environmental conditions from time to time to replace or replace the bearing grease (motor sealed bearings do not have to replace the grease during the service life), in order to ensure good fan lubrication during operation, the number of refueling not less than 1000 hours / time, Sealed bearings and motor bearings, refuel with ZL-3 lithium-based grease filled bearing inner and outer ring 2/3. No oil shortage operation.

Fans should be stored in a dry environment, to avoid damp motor. Fan in the open storage, there should be rain measures. In the process of storage and handling should prevent fan bump, so as to avoid damage to the fan.

Select the main fan shell cold galvanized coating thickness。 Thin and easy to rust, should not be used; fan into the windshield with galvanized steel and glass 2 kinds of materials, the selection of galvanized steel as well; matched with the motor power 750 watts and 1100 watts 2 kinds, choose 1100 watts of motor Good; fan type more material made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, color steel, from the performance, should use stainless steel blades。 Fan leaves a variety of shapes, performance, good shape and processing technology are complex; rotating assembly die-cast aluminum, cast iron 2, in contrast, better performance die-casting aluminum; blind automatic opening device centrifugal heart hammer, gravity hammer Style and style of the wind。 From experience, centrifugal hammer more stable, gravity hammer easily affected by dust, easy to open and close failure。 Wind-blown mainly for 36-inch fan。 Blinds mainly to see whether the adhesion is excellent。

Fan equipment used heavily in electric power, steel, cement, paper and paper industries is subject to intensive erosion due to the large volume of hard dust particles and sour gas contained in the gas medium being conveyed, The heart part impeller, which runs at a line speed of 160 meters per second at the end of its blade, is worn more severely than other parts. According to statistics, the use of ordinary carbon steel or general wear-resistant steel 16Mn impeller manufacturing, the general service life of only six months, the shortest only a few days, although the use of a variety of surface anti-wear measures such as surfacing, spraying, spray welding, coating Cover polymer wear-resistant materials, life is difficult to be significantly improved. The more common method, to use more surfacing, the effect is acceptable, generally can be used for more than a year without the need for large-area repair. The disadvantage is due to welding a large amount of heat input, if the control is not good, will lead to deformation of the impeller, and can not be used repeatedly to repair. Thermal spray welding has the same problem, which greatly limits their application.

A better method is to paste or insert the wear resistant ceramic on the live volute of the impeller. Due to the good abrasion resistance of the wear resistant ceramic, the wear resistance of the extension can be greatly improved.

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