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Cross-flow fan start should pay attention

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Cross-flow fan start should pay attention

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Cross flow fan is our country on the gas compression and gas conveying machinery short, commonly referred to as fans include: fans, blowers, wind turbines. Gas compression and gas delivery machinery are machines that convert rotational mechanical energy into gas pressure and kinetic energy and deliver the gas out. Fan is to rely on the input of mechanical energy, improve gas pressure and send gas machine, it is a kind of driven fluid machinery. The main components of the fan impeller, chassis, air inlet, bracket, motor, pulley, coupling, muffler, transmission (bearings) and so on. Fan start should pay attention to matters

(1) fan blower fan damper should be closed before the start of the import damper to prevent misuse, with a load to start。

Cross flow fan

2) Check the sleeve bearing lubricant level is normal, cooling water supply, the coupling is intact, repair hole is closed.

(3) pay attention to start-up time and no-load current is normal。

(4) ammeter indicates return to no-load current, adjustable throttle opening in place.

(5) Check fan fan operation should be no exception。

Cross flow fans, recommended Shenzhen Fu Sheng Motor Co。, Ltd。, is a professional production of DC, AC, EC full range of brushless axial flow, cross flow, centrifugal cooling fan of the enterprise, was established in October 2004。 Located in the beautiful scenery and economically developed Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, we have been working hard in the industry。 Now we have formed a business philosophy of scale and product advantages。 We have always won the market with good product cost performance and good service, gaining the trust of customers。

Products are widely used: IT areas, sports equipment, ventilation equipment, welding equipment, power systems, medical electronic equipment. The company has been in accordance with ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification for the purpose, has now been introduced into the environmental management system. Products through a number of countries and regions, safety certification. Such as: UL, CUL, TUV, CE, CCC and so on.

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