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Summer pigs ---- open fan benefits and more heat

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Summer pigs ---- open fan benefits and more heat

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Recently the temperature is up again, here the maximum temperature of 34 degrees, the morning is not bad cool, after ten o'clock on the list, the heat wave blowing around, pigs ventilation on all sides no problem, is a little hot, many brothers may from the previous hair Picture, often see the pigsty are equipped with fan, is the exhaust fan, but it is blowing inside, this temperature comes in handy.


After the temperature rose to thirty degrees or more, the temperature of pens basically reached thirty-four degrees, and the intake of pigs (due to the large density this year) will drop. It is still easy to get wet in the shit Out of the pox diagnosis, the most serious pigs to breathe faster, sluggish spirit, seriously affect the growth rate of fattening pigs, open the air circulation after the house to speed up, the temperature and humidity will drop, the pig will naturally next to the tuyere, neatly arranged , Feed intake increased significantly out of a smallpox clinic soon disappear, than injection effect is good, the pig is not rolling in the feces, bad smell did not, but also recently prepared a pull the truck, not afraid Emission of this matter, pig manure pulled to the folks in the corn field, folks are competing, so that you can pigs bath every day, shower and then blowing, pigs are clean and beautiful, but still have to remind Brethren, do not hair and bath at the same time, to prevent pig flu and fever, while in the direct sun out of homes do not give the pigs bath or wash pens, the evaporation of water will make pens temperature and humidity, rapidly rising in a short period of time, Cause more Very prone to disease, such as Streptococcus, swine pox, erysipelas, blue ear like fever, flushing or a bath so pigs pens, preferably before ten o'clock, four o'clock in the afternoon or after more appropriate.

Thus, ventilation in the summer pens in the breeding process is very important, hope the brothers take seriously, according to their pensions conditions, the rational placement of ventilation equipment to reduce the incidence of disease, to ensure the overall health of pigs.

With the cooling fan can be said to do more with less, this breeding method has greatly increased the number of benefits!

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