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Cooling fan type selection and the importance of installation

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Cooling fan type selection and the importance of installation

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The importance of cooling fan type selection and installation 1, the five elements of the fan selection: ① air volume, air pressure: the actual demand conditions, the actual demand changes and design requirements of the distinction between the value and distinction; ② working conditions: fan work The actual conditions of the scene, such as power supply, pressure, temperature, humidity, weather, soot, fan working time; ③ media components: media in addition to conventional air, with other solid dust dust, special gases, Liquid crystal beads, liquid beads, etc .; ④ installation location, installation and connection: installation of the location: roof, side walls, indoor and outdoor installation: pipe hoisting, , Flange, soft joints, duct size, etc. ⑤ accessories, noise and other requirements.

Cooling fan

2 cooling fan in what kind of work environment? There are no special requirements? Pai what gas? Must be judged to be common room temperature clean gas exhaust, process exhaust, or fire exhaust, explosion-proof exhaust, anti-corrosion exhaust, kitchen exhaust fumes Etc., ordinary exhaust fan no special requirements, as long as meet the design conditions and customer requirements on it. However, the fan speed is usually controlled to 1500rpm, because the speed is too high, the fan and its components are easily damaged, such as bearings and shafts, belts and pulleys premature wear, resulting in frequent replacement of parts, increased maintenance costs; process exhaust type Many, some of which may contain welding slag, paint, explosive gas, and sometimes need high temperature, exhaust fumes, etc .; different components have different treatment methods, the requirements of different fans. Welding slag in the gas: welding workshop or cutting workshop exhaust, usually to take into account the exhaust gas contained in the metal debris and welding slag and other impurities; to add filter, and the motor can not be built. If these impurities enter the fan, they may scratch the worn bearings and other accessories, more serious damage to the motor, causing the motor scrapped. Therefore, it is required to add primary filter aluminum mesh (filter particles larger than one millimeter in diameter), and the motor is external (to prevent the metal filings from entering the motor). The gas contains paint: most of the filters should be added with explosion-proof fan and explosion- , And the motor external; paint contains volatile organic solvents, is a flammable gas, if you encounter open flames, such as sparks may cause an explosion. Therefore, the requirements of fan explosion; exhaust gas containing explosive gas or explosive dust: must be equipped with explosion-proof blower and explosion-proof motor; exhaust gas containing corrosive gases: first of all to be clear what corrosive gases, what kind of ingredients, if it is acid- Use FRP (FRP) or plastic material; if it is moderately corrosive, optional stainless steel; if it is a weak acid or alkali exhaust air or corrosive gas content is relatively low, you can do by anti-corrosion coating on the impeller Method to achieve the purpose, a single coating can be done 10 microns, double coating can reach about 20 microns.

Fire exhaust: should choose to pass the national fire certification fan. Exhaust fumes: You should choose to do a non-stick coated impeller and can collect oil droplets for easy cleaning fan type.

3, How to install the fan? Installation location; Need accessories; Installation of different forms, affecting the fan selection of different.

4, the pressure provided is the total pressure or static pressure? The parameters required are strict? Under normal circumstances, the static pressure = (0。75-0。85) × total pressure; if the static pressure is higher, 700Pa above, the coefficient can be less than 0。75,500Pa, the coefficient Desirable 0。85 (Note, these are estimates。) Under normal circumstances, the static pressure deviation of not more than 5% are reasonable。 If the direct connection and the belt can meet the requirements of the parameters, under normal circumstances choose direct connection, because of higher efficiency, easier maintenance, the price is cheaper。

5, whether the requirements of explosion? Note that the motor and fan should meet the explosion-proof requirements; to the purchaser to understand clearly the level of explosion, the best is to understand the overcurrent medium, in order to consider the requirements of the explosion-proof grade to meet the requirements to ensure safe use.

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