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What kind of cooling fan for industrial?

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What kind of cooling fan for industrial?

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Many people do not understand the cooling fan, it is not clear what kind of more suitable for the industry, but different industries have different cooling fan, centrifugal fan to introduce to you today:

Centrifugal fans used as a cabinet exhaust fan to take two or more smoke-free cabinet exhaust centrifugal fan, the maximum area should be divided by smoke per square meter of not less than 120 cubic meters / hour, cabinet centrifugal fan Required motor power is under certain conditions, the cabinet centrifugal fan and fan chassis, air inlet full open when the required power. If the air inlet is fully open for operation, the motor may be damaged. When the fan is running, it is best to close the valve on the air inlet or outlet of the fan. After the operation, the valve will be gradually opened to the required operating conditions, and pay attention to the operation of the fan Whether the current exceeds the rated current.

With the use of different fans, the requirements are not the same, such as public buildings used for ventilation fans are generally used, the most important requirement is generally low noise, multi-wing centrifugal fan with this feature; and requires a large flow Of the cabinet exhaust centrifugal fan is usually double suction type; for some high-pressure centrifugal fan, the specific speed is lower, the relative proportion of the leakage loss is generally larger. Relevant statistics show that the electricity consumption of fan products in the country accounts for about 10% of the total power generation in the country. Among them, the use of fan metal mine electricity consumption accounted for 30% of the total national mining electricity; fans used by the steel industry, electricity consumption accounted for 20% of the total electricity production; fans used by the coal industry electricity consumption in the country Coal industry, the total electricity 17%. Therefore, for the fan industry, how to produce more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly fan products is a problem that needs great attention.

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Centrifugal fan manufacturers for the above reasons, although some fans within the more efficient (up to 86%), but the device is not very efficient, and some even as low as 30%. With the application of hydraulic couplers and frequency converters in wind turbines, the running efficiency of wind turbines is greatly increased, but the number of applications is extremely limited. The industry believes that the higher efficiency of axial fans, the highest efficiency has reached 92%. Second, the use of imported technology to develop energy-efficient fan. Through the introduction of technology, effectively promoted the development of energy-saving fan products. During the 11th five-year plan period, wind turbine technology and special-purpose fans should also be appropriately introduced according to market demand to fill the gap in the country. In addition, the fan energy-saving products or not, adjust the speed change mechanism, changing operating conditions is very important. The industry believes that energy saving and environmental protection is the eternal theme of the development of the fan industry. So, fan manufacturers exactly where to start? Relevant experts believe that research and development of energy-saving fan products, both from the product design to start, but also start from the fan operation.

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