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How much do you know about the maintenance and service of axial fans? Is the same?

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How much do you know about the maintenance and service of axial fans? Is the same?

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Axial fan and pipe fan is different, and maintenance methods are not the same, the pipeline fan manufacturers are constantly exploring ways!

Axial flow fan at start-up, the motor current will be higher than the rated 5-6 times, not only will affect the service life of the motor and consume more power。 The system design in the motor selection will leave some margin , The motor speed is fixed, but in actual use, sometimes to lower or higher speed operation, so the frequency conversion transformation is very necessary。 The inverter can realize the soft start of the motor, achieve the purpose of energy-saving speed regulation by changing the input voltage frequency of the equipment, and can also provide over-current, over-voltage and overload protection functions for the equipment。

Pipeline fan manufacturers


 1, the use of the environment should always be kept clean and tidy, the fan surface to keep clean, into the outlet should not have debris, regularly remove the fan and pipe dust and other debris.

 2. Only operate when the fan is completely normal. At the same time, ensure sufficient capacity of power supply facilities, stable voltage and no defect operation. The power supply lines must be dedicated lines and should not be powered by temporary lines for a long time.

 3, the fans found in the course of abnormal fan noise, the motor serious fever, shell charged, switch tripping, can not start and so on, should immediately stop checking. In order to ensure the safety, it is not allowed to carry on the maintenance in the running of the fan. After overhauling, the running should be carried out for about 5 minutes to confirm that there is no abnormal phenomenon and then turn on the machine.

4, according to the use of environmental conditions from time to time to replace or replace the bearing grease (motor sealed bearings do not have to change during the service life of grease), in order to ensure good fan lubrication during operation, the number of refueling not less than 1000 hours / Second closed bearings and motor bearings, filling with lithium-based grease zl-3 inner and outer rings filled with 1/3;

 5, the fan should be stored in a dry environment, to avoid damp motor. Fans in the open storage, there should be defensive measures. In the process of storage and handling should prevent fan bump, so as to avoid damage to the fan.

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