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Pipeline fan manufacturers use the choice of static pressure

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Pipeline fan manufacturers use the choice of static pressure

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Pipeline fan is not open fan, fan performance directly affects the drying effect。 The choice of duct fan parameters refers to the choice of wind and static pressure。

How to choose the static pressure of the fan when designing the pipe fan? The static pressure loss of the dryer should be analyzed, such as the wind resistance of the cereal, the static pressure loss of the heater and the air duct. That's it

Is to say that the fan pressure is the grain wind resistance, heaters and ducts and other static pressure loss of the sum of its small main wind resistance。 The following analysis of grain wind resistance。 The factors that affect the wind resistance of cereals include grain water string, air volume ratio, stacking height, impurity content and so on。

Pipeline fan manufacturers

The relationship between grain water-holding jars and wind resistance: Under the same stacking height and air-volume ratio, the lower the water-bearing string, the greater the wind resistance. Because of the low moisture content of the grain, the gap between the grain should be reduced and the resistance increased as the air passes through the trough.

The relationship between air volume ratio and air resistance: Under the same moisture content and packing height, the greater the air-to-air ratio, the greater the air resistance。

The height of the heap and the relationship between the wind resistance: the same moisture content and air volume ratio of the punch, the deposition angle is higher, the greater the wind resistance。

Impacts of cereals on the wind resistance: the higher the impurity content, the greater the wind resistance。 Therefore, it is very necessary that the cereal be cleaned before it is dried。

If you determine the air volume than the pile of thirst found resistance; coupled with the heater and duct static pressure loss, you can determine the fan static pressure value.

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