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Light aesthetics cooling fan has played an important role

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Light aesthetics cooling fan has played an important role

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Lighting effects in the two years of the whole machine, has been the concept of the previous hype into a necessary element, it seems there is no host of light even more should not appear in the market, and now the lighting effects are varied, and each is active Launch their own lighting effects accessories, then what kind of lighting effect is really suitable for players?

To ask what is the hottest light effect, it must be RGB colorful light effect, with a variety of light conversion mode, so that the visual effect of the machine is very good! So how to create a colorful host, and light machine aesthetics which parts are formed by it?

Cooling fan

Motherboard memory Qi force, a variety of lighting effects

Motherboard as a variety of hardware bearing platform, the useless materials doubtless work, good motherboard allows players in the daily use of a very good stability support, and poor material motherboard will allow the player's machine from time to time Crashes, restart and so on.

Now all the major motherboard manufacturers have begun to make a fuss about the lighting effects, such as a manufacturer of "magic light", or a manufacturer of "SG" lighting system, do not know two days will not come to a " Evil light "it?

The wide variety of lighting efficiency systems, in addition to allowing players to increase the cost of installation, the second is to bring the player a different visual effects, so that the once dark interior of the chassis has become "brilliant."

In addition, the motherboard manufacturers in addition to the close contact with the CPU, the other is the memory, and now a 8G DDR4 General has risen to the point where people are crazy, not to mention those with the light of the "vest of the bar。"

At first, the basic memory of the light-effect conversion are breathing changes, but now with the technology upgrade, a variety of RGB light-efficient memory began to appear, and now the light effect of memory and the motherboard manufacturers have jointly launched the motherboard memory lamp effect Mode, this effect is very good, players are free to match the lighting effects.

Power chassis cooling fan These are also important accessories

To play lighting effects, it is essential is a high value of the chassis, which not only the case of high value of the chassis, but also to fully demonstrate the lighting effect of the machine, then a number of fan bits, full side tempering Glass and other factors are essential.

With the support of the chassis, then the colorful fan is also essential, and now most of the popular RGB fans on the market are their own light conversion, and the host can be linked to the motherboard is still relatively small, there are also selling expensive , So that ordinary players discouraged.

If you want to create a machine light aesthetics, then install more colorful lighting effects are still very good, but here, it is recommended players to buy some soft light fan, so the visual effect will be better.

In addition to the chassis and the fan, when it comes to the most obscure power supply, and now also add a variety of lighting effects, and some power is installed in the power module interface LED lights, and most of the power is the power of the fan Make an issue, the light-emitting fan is the solution of many manufacturers.

But here, I doubt there is, if this type of power in the next set of power supply chassis, it is not necessary to let the fan up, but the power draw the hot air generated by the graphics card will not affect the power supply heat dissipation and performance. .... But for the cool light! What control his heat, cool the most important!

Cooling fan in the light effect plays a very important role

Finally, why should the radiator just come up with things to say? Because, although the radiator is not the core hardware, but the radiator efficiency also affects the stability of the machine, especially the TDP high。

Take traditional ATX architecture chassis, the installation is completed, the radiator is usually in the upper part of the machine, so if the radiator is no light, then this part of the chassis will appear particularly open!

Therefore, the player in the choice of the radiator when the need to heat the radiator on the light and the machine with a good match, and ultimately be able to assemble a superior lighting machine.

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