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In useless? Teach you to solve the host cross-flow fan cooling layout

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In useless? Teach you to solve the host cross-flow fan cooling layout

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We are equipped with cross-flow fan heat sink and chassis fan, especially for gamers, the hardware cooling and performance are equally important, also requires the player layout of the whole hardware cooling。

Poor cooling in the platform, high-performance hardware not only can not play strength, but also by the impact of high temperature and reduce the frequency, but will reduce the performance of the machine, the player can not enjoy the smooth cool gaming experience.

In worse cases, high temperatures also reduce the life of the hardware, so cooling is even more important. Optimization of cooling is not simply to increase the fan can be solved, here we step by step for you to understand the solution to the layout of the cooling method.

Cross flow fan

2, cross-flow fan cooling system to be selected

Host cooling system consists of a radiator and fan, the general entry of players only need the radiator to meet the cooling requirements of the machine, but for gamers, especially enthusiasts is not enough.

The mainstream players with the CPU is a tower air-cooled radiator, there are high-end players with integrated or split water-cooled radiators, and CPU performance and the needs of the players are related。 Most radiators can support the mainstream CPU, but there are a few products that can only support Intel or AMD platform, to be clear before the selection。

The other is the fan, high-end chassis fans are usually preset to optimize the cooling, the player can save the trouble of buying and installing the fan, there are many fans will be in the chassis layout more fans to provide a more powerful cooling environment.

Most players are using 12 cm fan, there are a few fans with 8 cm and 14 cm size, the size refers to the installation of the fan hole pitch, the pitch is not compatible between different players can use the scale to measure that Fan size, so as not to buy back to find the installation is not on the awkward situation。

3 wind pressure do not confuse

In the choice of radiators and fans, but also pay attention to the choice of parameters, here is more important and easy to confuse is the air volume and pressure, some products are not norms parameter labeling is not conducive to consumer choice.

The air volume refers to the volume of the wind sent by the fan in a unit of time。 Generally speaking, the larger the air volume of the fan, the better it means that it can send out / send more air to take away the heat。 The unit of air volume is cmm, that is, cubic meters per minute, and the other unit, cfm, is cubic feet per minute, in English units。 The conversion method for both is 1cmm = 35。245cfm。

Wind pressure is the pressure of the wind received by the fan in a plane perpendicular to the direction of the air flow. In other words, the wind pressure test mainly refers to the degree to which the fan can blow through the fin of the radiator. Generally speaking, the larger the wind pressure, the better, The cooler fins cool effectively, or provide cooling for deeper space inside the chassis.

It should be noted that the air volume and pressure are two different parameters, different manufacturers may also use different labeling methods, the time of purchase need to see clearly, can not be confusing between the two.

Another important parameter is noise。 Under the same parameters, the lower the fan noise, the better, and the quieter operation。 Of course, the higher hardware level often requires higher speed to increase the wind pressure and air volume, which inevitably leads to bigger sound。

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