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Brief analysis of fan noise control technology, cross flow fan manufacturers how to manage it?

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Brief analysis of fan noise control technology, cross flow fan manufacturers how to manage it?

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Boiler room fan and induced draft fan noise is generally about 90 decibels, due to the delivery of boiler flue gas temperature up to 180 ℃, the use of enclosed sound insulation will lead to poor cooling, the motor temperature is too high, and even burn the motor。 Therefore, in the process of fan noise reduction and energy saving are combined。 After practice, the boiler fan energy-saving noise reduction comprehensive management program is: the boiler room process layout remains unchanged, the blower, induced draft fan were placed in the soundproof room, with a ventilation tube to connect them with the host, in the soundproof roof On the wall or on the inlet, and installation of silencer for the room into the wind use。 Plane layout will blower near the boiler room side, the inlet on the windward side, the motor placed in the middle of the airflow channel。 Boiler operation, due to the negative pressure blower in the soundproof room, a large number of outdoor fresh air will automatically enter the soundproof room, the first fan and the motor heat exchange, cooling and cooling, the indoor temperature to maintain about 50 ℃。 The role of long flow cross-flow fans manufacturers can always propose a variety of solutions!

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The program due to the noise floor and the inlet muffler noise reduction capabilities are relatively large, the effect of noise reduction easy to achieve. Blower will preheat the air into the boiler combustion, energy recovery, with some economic benefits.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and the normal operation of the boiler equipment, sound insulation, sound absorption and ventilation and heat dissipation should be designed in detail in the design and construction according to the specific requirements, taking into account the noise intensity and audio frequency。 The size of the soundproof room thickness, the type of sound-absorbing materials, thickness calculation。 Muffler volume into the wind muffler generally 25dB (A) or so。 Minimize the noise radiation area, remove unnecessary metal surface。 Vibration control board, the sound source and sound insulation cover and the basis of the soft material connection。 Blower connection pipe and thin-walled steel chimney noise control is the weakest link in the tube wall wrap 5cm thick glass fiber cotton, tied with steel wire, then use 2cm thick steel wire mesh cement brush。 The glass fiber cotton fixed on the steel, absorbing noise reverberation room noise。

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