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Your cross-flow fan maintenance method right?

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Your cross-flow fan maintenance method right?

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Cross flow fan performance parameters

Negative pressure fan performance parameters are flow, pressure, power, efficiency and speed。 In addition, the size of the noise and vibration is also the main fan design。 Flow rate, also known as air volume, expressed as the volume of gas flowing through the fan per unit time; pressure, also known as wind pressure, refers to the gas pressure in the fan increases, with static pressure, dynamic pressure and total pressure of the points; The input power, the shaft power。 The ratio of fan effective power to shaft power is called efficiency。 Fan pressure efficiency up to 90%。

Cross flow fan

Cross flow fan maintenance methods

Impeller maintenance

Correct maintenance, maintenance, is safe and reliable operation of the fan, fan life to improve an important guarantee. Therefore, the use of fans must be given full attention. In the early stage of operation of the impeller and all regular inspections, whenever there is a chance, we must check the impeller for cracks, wear, dust and other defects.

Whenever possible, the impeller must be kept clean and the dust and scale should be periodically wiped off with a wire brush as these dusts can not be uniformly attached to the impeller as the running time lengthens Impeller balance damage, and even cause rotor vibration。 Whenever the impeller is repaired, it needs to be balanced again。 If you have the conditions, you can use a portable test balancer in the field to balance。 Before balancing, it must be checked that all tightening bolts are tightened。 Because the impeller has been in an unbalanced condition for some time, the bolts may have loosened。

Chassis and intake chamber maintenance

In addition to regular inspection of the cabinet and the intake chamber internal serious wear and tear, remove serious accumulation of dust, these parts may not be other special maintenance. Regularly check all the fastening bolts are tightened, for the fan with a compression bolt, press the butterfly spring on the foot to the installation height specified in the drawing.

Bearing maintenance

Often check the bearing lubrication oil supply situation, if the case of oil spills, the end cap bolts can be tightened, this is not enough, may have to switch to a new sealed packing.

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