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How much do you know about the history of cross-flow fans?

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How much do you know about the history of cross-flow fans?

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Cross flow fan has a long history. For many years in China, China has produced a simple wooden Houtu windmill. Its principle of operation is basically the same as that of modern centrifugal fans. In 1862, the centrifugal blower invented by the United Kingdom Guibei Er, the impeller, the shell is concentric, the shell is made of brick, wooden impeller blades with straight back, the efficiency is only about 40%, mainly for mine ventilation. In 1880, the design of a volute casing for mine ventilation and a centrifugal fan for recirculating blades was well established.

Cross flow fan

In 1892, France developed a cross-flow fan. In 1898, the Irish designed a Sirocco centrifugal fan with forward blades and was widely adopted in all countries. In the 19th century, axial fans were used in the blasting of mine ventilation and metallurgical industries, But the pressure is only 100 ~ 300 Pa, the efficiency is only 15 ~ 25%, until after the 1940s to get faster development.

In 1935, Germany first adopted the axial flow isobaric pressure fan for the boiler ventilation and induced draft; In 1948, Denmark made the operation of the adjustable axial flow fan; axial flow fan, radial accelerator axial fan, oblique flow fan and Cross-flow fan; In 2002, China's explosion-proof centrifugal fan, widely used in chemical, petroleum, machinery and other fields, Chang Lin Dong explosion-proof centrifugal fan has also been developed. Centrifugal fan is commonly used in stone processing enterprises auxiliary production equipment, mainly used in ventilation and dust removal device, such as stone cutting and grinding process cyclone and bag filter, etc. need to use the centrifugal fan on the production site for dust treatment to ensure that production Clean environment, protect the producer's physical and mental health. Fan is a kind of high-energy-consuming equipment, which consumes a large proportion of power resources in stone processing. With the current shortage of energy in our country and the popularization and application of high-productivity and high-efficiency work surfaces, energy saving has become common among stone production enterprises Concerned about the issue, many stone manufacturers to reduce fan power consumption as the current important work. Reduce the fan power consumption In addition to improving the efficiency of the fan itself, the rational choice of fan adjustment is the most important, because the load of stone production changes with the needs of the process, most fans need to be based on the host load and adjust the flow . At present, stone processing enterprises fan energy-saving adjustment method is relatively old, the general use of throttling regulation. When throttling regulation is adopted, the flow of the fan is mainly adjusted by a regulating valve or a throttling baffle, the throttling capacity of the fan is large, and even when the load is throttled by more than 50% at a low load, due to the throttling loss and the deviation from the high-efficiency zone operation, Energy waste is very serious. If you adjust the fan speed, both to eliminate the throttle loss, but also to ensure that the fan is always running in the high-efficiency area, it can significantly save power. It can be said to regulate the fan speed to run the fan is an effective way to save energy, reflecting the current trend of building materials industry production.

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