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You may know how to reduce the fan coil fan noise

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You may know how to reduce the fan coil fan noise

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Pipeline fan manufacturers in the installation of a variety of fans always have his different skills, always surprises, you do not know how many surprises?

Fan coil is the ideal end product of central air conditioning, fan coil is widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, commercial and residential, research institutions.

Fan coil unit is mainly composed of low noise motor, impeller and heat exchanger coil. Cooler cold (hot) medium water by the central air conditioning host supply, Xiaobian today to talk about how to reduce fan coil noise tips.

Pipeline fan manufacturers

1, Selection of low noise fan coil, the selected sample should be measured before the noise measurement, and should be expected to prototype and mass production of the difference, usually 5dB (A).

2, according to the standards of noise allowable rooms, a reasonable choice of fan coil configuration。

3. When the noise level in the room is not more than 30dB (A) and NC-20 noise evaluation curve, the fan coil can be placed in the pipe between the air outlet of the fan and the air outlet of the room as the conditions permit Pretty deal.

4, when the noise in the room is less than 35dB (A) and NC-25: the horizontal fan coil should be installed on the ceiling of the hall of the guest room, and a 500-700mm long tube muffler can be added in front of the air outlet, Reduce the night about 6dB (A) or so。 Vertical school fan coil should be installed away from the bed and desk parts, and in the upper (outlet) plus "chamber" muffler。

5, the noise in the room should not exceed 40dB and NC-30: the horizontal, vertical or cabinet fan coil with medium noise level should be used, and the air outlet should be kept away from the bed and the desk as far as possible; Block to reduce the noise level.

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