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Fan noise control programs, pipe fan manufacturers have you do not know the skills

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Fan noise control programs, pipe fan manufacturers have you do not know the skills

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Fan is divided into axial flow, centrifugal, Francis and other types. Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, wall ventilation of civil buildings, post ventilation, ventilation pipes, roof ventilation, chemical, light industry, food, medicine, metallurgy, power plants and other industries and civil buildings in large-scale use. Pipeline fan manufacturers always know the skills you know, always solve all problems, together to explore!

Its noise is dominated by aerodynamic noise. Centrifugal fan noise is dominated by low frequency and decreases with increasing frequency. The axial fan is dominated by intermediate frequency noise.

Its noise management is divided into sound source management and transmission path management。 The former mainly improves the impeller, blade, shell, supporting structure and materials used in the fan to reduce the fan's own noise。 The latter mainly adopts the noise control products such as muffler, sound insulation cover, sound-absorbing wall, Transmission path on the fan noise management。

Noise control measures:

Pipeline fan manufacturers

1, the fan inlet and outlet pipe installation muffler

2, outside the fan unit installed noise enclosures

3, to take comprehensive measures to transform the fan room

If there is a special fan room, you can combine the scene to take the fan room into a noise reduction room noise reduction method, that is, the fan unit closed in the noise in the room to pass out, so the noise in the engine room is large, but Outside noise is much smaller. Sealed room to be set into the exhaust system, at the same time supporting the muffler device for fan suction and motor, chassis and other cooling needs.

4, when the noise control requirements are high, it is necessary to take measures such as vibration reduction, basic vibration isolation, sound absorption and sound insulation at the same time to comprehensively manage the mechanical noise, vibration and electromagnetic noise of the unit so as to obtain a satisfactory noise reduction effect.

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