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Pipeline fan manufacturers tell you do not know the secret: circular pipe fan works

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Pipeline fan manufacturers tell you do not know the secret: circular pipe fan works

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Circular duct blower with wing-shaped backward impeller, high-speed operation of the gas fluid dynamics to its maximum, so the energy efficiency is very high, up to 70%, which means that with the smallest motor power delivery maximum wind power, which is normal Forward centrifugal fan can not achieve the effect. Therefore, both the fan duct energy-saving and strong winds. Ultra-high pressure can take tens of meters of pipe concentrate ventilation, the main characteristic of the pipeline fan is the pressure. Replace the traditional ventilation equipment. Fan vibration-free, dynamic balance of less than 0.17g, only the standard value to ensure the superior quality fan, imported metal impeller or PP plastic perforated in accordance with the wing, which is characterized by strong rigidity, high temperature, environmental protection, air volume Large, but also to a certain extent reduce the noise.

Pipeline fan manufacturers

Round tube fan core with an external rotor motor, its life depends on the bearing, the motor uses imported single deep groove ball bearings, external rotor motor compact structure, small size, energy efficient, pure imported bearings, 120 ℃ automatic parking hot Protection, high-quality copper winding and so on. 24h continuous operation can be more than 30,000 hours.

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