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How to rule out cross-flow fan failure?

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How to rule out cross-flow fan failure?

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Cross-flow fan is generally installed in the top of the air-cooled screw chiller, but also some users choose to install on the side of the request。 For screw chillers that use fans to dissipate heat, we call them air-cooled screw chillers, which must be installed in an open environment with easy air circulation so that they do not affect the cooling effect of the air-cooled screw chiller。

However, those who belong to the category of mechanical and electrical equipment, in the process of installation or use will certainly have some failure. So, air-cooled screw chillers cross-flow fan what are the common faults? How should companies eliminate it?

First, air-cooled screw chillers cross-flow fan noise is too large:

Cross flow fan

1, bearing parts wear / clearance is too large: If wear should be promptly replaced, the gap can be adjusted directly to the appropriate location;

2, the speed is too high: can be reduced by reducing the speed, if not resolved, you should replace the fan;

Second, air-cooled screw chiller fan motor temperature rise is too high:

1, the flow rate exceeds the rated value: At this point you can turn off the valve;

2, motor or power problems: find the motor and power reasons;

Three, air-cooled screw chiller bearing temperature is too high:

1, lubricating oil (grease) is not enough or poor quality: If the lubricant is not added enough, companies should be filled to the required parts; if there is poor quality, you should clean the bearing after replacement of qualified lubricants (fat)

2, the fan shaft and the motor shaft is not concentric: should be adjusted concentric;

3, bearing damage: At this point should be replaced with new bearings, or directly contact the chiller manufacturers to replace;

Fourth, air-cooled screw chillers cross flow fan is too small:

1, check the direction of rotation of the impeller is reversed, this can be replaced by the motor position of any two wires to solve;

2, the valve opening is not enough, and the belt is too loose and the speed is not enough: You can already adjust the valve open to a suitable opening, the belt tension or replacement, and check the voltage and other measures to detect the bearing;

3, into the air or outlet, the pipeline is blocked: check the inlet / outlet, and remove the blockage;

4, the connection between impeller and shaft may be loose, which can be eliminated by direct fastening; if the gap between impeller and air inlet is too large, it should be adjusted to proper clearance.

Air-cooled screw chillers cross-flow fan, the equivalent of water-cooled chiller cooling towers cooling system, if the cooling effect is not good, then the air-cooled screw chillers absolute lack of refrigeration, a direct impact on the business needs of frozen water . Therefore, the air-cooled screw chiller regular inspection, maintenance, maintenance is necessary, not only can reduce the failure rate of air-cooled screw chiller, but also conducive to prolong the service life of air-cooled screw chiller.

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