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In the purchase of cross-flow fan products need to know what knowledge

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In the purchase of cross-flow fan products need to know what knowledge

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Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision organized the supervision and checking of fan products across the province。 Spot checks of 19 batches of fan products from 19 enterprises failed in 1 batch with a batch failure rate of 5。26%。

Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision reminded, first of all, consumers should be based on the required fan installation site and the specific use, select the type and size of the fan, such as the choice of cross-flow fan, axial or centrifugal, air supply or exhaust。 Secondly, according to the required performance requirements, the amount of cross-flow fan air pressure and other design requirements。 When consumers buy products to cross-flow fan manufacturers to conduct field trips, the study should focus on the following aspects:


1. cross-flow fan production site components, such as: motor, blades, coupling shaft meets the requirements, whether the manufacturers according to the batch of raw materials into the parts factory sampling test, if outsourced, to check the quality of raw materials and documents Test Report.

2. To see the appearance of the quality of inventory products meet the requirements of JB / T 10562-2006 or JB / T 10563-2006, to check the manufacturer of the product self-test report and inspection of the plant's testing equipment and testing staff Certificate of employment.

In the process of inspection should also pay attention to the manufacturer of the product monitoring the effectiveness of the production process, which focuses on the production process of raw materials, measurement methods and measurement accuracy, product maintenance, raw materials and products, accounting checks and On the production process of substandard products and other processing methods。

4。 On the occasion involving the safety of personal and equipment, such as cross-flow fan, motor cooling, cooling tower cooling, plant ventilation, it is recommended before purchasing the product authoritative inspection agency to verify the performance parameters。

5. National Development and Reform Commission, AQSIQ and CNCA have jointly issued a document requiring that all ventilators manufactured, sold and imported in mainland China must apply energy efficiency labeling. Users in the purchase of the fan, pay special attention to whether the product has been attached to the energy efficiency logo, only the energy-efficiency logo attached to the fan is reliable and energy-saving, so as to be at ease.

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