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You know the cooling fan selection of the deciding factor

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You know the cooling fan selection of the deciding factor

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Cooling fan selection is a more complicated process, the technical requirements are high. Cooling fan selection methods are many, for example, according to the logarithmic coordinate curve selection, dimensionless characteristic curve selection, as well as professional cooling fan selection software can also help us to select. Regardless of the choice of cooling fan selection of what method, we have to grasp some of the basic principles.

Cooling fan

1, the use of cooling fan is the determining factor

The use of cooling fan determines the performance, and performance determines the manufacturer, so the use of cooling fan is to choose the first factor to be considered。 The use of cooling fan and cooling fan is directly related to the state of gas delivery, gas physical conditions and chemical properties are different, the type of cooling fan used are also very different。

If there is flammable and explosive gas in the cooling fan, it is necessary to choose the explosion-proof cooling fan; if the gas delivered by the cooling fan contains a lot of dust or conveys the coal, dust and pulverized coal cooling fans should be selected; Conveying the gas has a strong corrosive, to choose anti-corrosion cooling fan; work or transport high-temperature gas at high temperatures, to choose the temperature cooling fan.

2, the choice of cooling fan manufacturers

After determining the purpose of cooling fan, fan cooling fan performance requirements, the first to determine the level of cooling fan, the decision is made of domestic cooling fan or imported cooling fan. After that, we should make a basic understanding to the manufacturer of a specific grade of cooling fan, determine the production capacity, product quality, product specifications and other information of the cooling fan manufacturer, and also consider the environmental protection level of the cooling fan.

Cooling fan selection process, but also consider the manufacturer's technical strength, the level of maintenance, cooling fan follow-up service is timely, can guarantee the normal use of cooling fan. In addition, the cooling fan manufacturers in the performance of new product development, to reflect its technical strength, should also be included in the selection of the scope of consideration.

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